Kanka API

The Kanka API allows you to interact with the data of your campaigns in just about any language. Whether you are migrating your data into Kanka or want to build a cool dice roller attached to Kanka, the API will be the backbone to support your endeavours.

Creating a token

All requests to the API need a token. You can generate a token by going to your Profile API settings and clicking on the Create New Token button. Make sure to note down the generate token, as it’s content will only be visible once!

!!! Warning

Always keep your tokens to yourself! Never share them with anyone.

Tokens that are generated are valid for 364 days, before they automatically stop working.

Interacting with the API

You can find all the API endpoints detailed in the API docs.

We recommend that you start off by using tools like Hoppscotch to help you out with your API requests.

Reinventing the wheel

Wanting to interact with the API using python or another popular programming language? Someone might have already written a wrapper for that. Have a look on the kanka topic on Github to see what others are building!

Need help?

If you’re struggling with the API, head over to our Discord and ask for help in the #development-talk channel.