Campaigns can be exported once a day. To start exporting a campaign, go to Settings > Export.

Once the process has been started, one of the Kanka severs will prepare the export file. The process happens in the background, and doesn’t stop you from still accessing the campaign. We recommend you don’t update the campaign during this process to not end up with an incomplete export.

Once the export is done, a downloadable .zip file will be available in the Export interface.

The exported campaign contains all the campaign data in json format, along with images of entities and the gallery.

Who can export the data?

Only members of the campaign’s admin role can initiate and download the campaign export. Once the files are ready, all members of the campaign’s admin role will get a notification.

How long is the download available?

The ZIP files are downloadable for 120 minutes after they’ve been generated, before being deleted from our servers.

How to import the export data?

Importing the export is detailed in the campaign import documentation.