Community Vote

Kanka frequently holds community votes to help us prioritise new features and improvements based on the community’s desire.


A community vote takes place directly in kanka. A vote is usually open for seven days, and occures at the end of every few months. A notification is available in Kanka whenever a community vote is being held.

What features are voted and worked on

Usually, each vote has three options to choose from, all representing a considerable amount of work to build. At the end of a community vote, the most voted for feature gets prioritised. In some cases where two options are neck and neck, both features are typically added to Kanka.

Options that get little support go back to the list for a future vote, or are shelved as ideas.

Who can vote

Owlbears, Wyverns and Elementals can all vote in community votes while they are ongoing. If your subscription is ended or cancelled after you’ve voted but before the community vote ends, your vote is still counted.

Weighted vote

Votes cast by Owlbears and Wyverns count for 1 point, while votes cast by Elementals count for 2 points in case of a tie for first and second place.

Curating the list

The list of options in each community vote is curated by the Kanka team, with help from our Elementals, who can influence what options are made available.