A campaign, also known as a world or a universe, is the way data is stored in Kanka. Everything belongs to a campaign.

Creating a campaign

To create a campaign, open the campaign switcher and click on new campaign.

How to create a new campaign

Campaign settings

The following aims to detail each field available when creating or editing a campaign. To access this interface, click on Settings and Edit.


The first tab is the entry tab, containing the most basic fields.


A campaign needs a world, containing at least 4 characters. Campaign names aren’t unique (we wouldn’t want a single Tal’Dorei now would we?). A campaign’s name can be changed at any time.


A short (or long, we don’t judge!) description of your campaign. A preview of this displays on the campaign’s dashboard, and the full text is available when clicking on Settings in the sidebar.

Friendly tip

This field can contain mentions to entities of the campaign!


The second tab focuses on sharing the campaign’s content with people who aren’t in the campaign. You can find out more about this here


This tab controls some basic look and feel of the campaign.

Campaign theme

Rather than displaying the campaign in the user viewing it’s preferred theme, you can force the campaign to appear in a specific theme.

Campaign’s member list

Control who can see the campaign’s member list. This list is available in Settings > Members.

Entity history logs

Control who can see individual entity’s change logs.

Tooltip - Entity’s image

By default, tooltips that appear when hovering an entity link don’t display that entity’s image. This can be changed with this option.

Default entity’s connections interface

When clicking on an entity’s connections subpage, select what displays. On premium campaigns, the default is to show the relation explorer.

Default relations explorer mode

When opening an entity’s relation explorer, control which mode is opened by default.

Default lists layout

Select if nested entities display in a user’s preferred layout, or if you want to force nested lists.

New post default collapsed value

Control if newly created posts are collapsed by default.


This tab allows you to set the default privacy and visibility settings of new elements created in the campaign.

Default new entity privacy

When creating a new entity as an admin, select the default privacy setting of the new entity.

Default character personality visibility

When creating a new character as an admin, select the default privacy setting for its personality traits.


The last tab controls info displayed on the dashboard’s campaign header widget.