A way to build the powers of your characters. Think of this module as a way to represent the magic system of your world.


Let’s go over the fields that are unique to the abilities’ module.


The charges field can be used to keep track of how many times an ability was used when it’s attached to an entity. This field can contain a value, or references to named attributes of an entity.

When an ability with a charge is attached to an entity, it will display a number of squares equal to the total charges. Clicking a charge will automatically flag a charge as used, up to the max charges.


Entity Abilities

Every other entity type has an Abilities subpage, which is used for example to keep track of a character’s magic, an organisation’s special abilities, a locations’ lair actions, a family’s curse, etc.

Each ability added to an entity is grouped by their parent ability, and abilities with no parent ability are displayed automatically.

Consider the following nested ability structure:

  • Fire magic

    • Fireball

    • Firewall

  • Dances

    • Salsa

    • Flamingo

  • Dark vision

Adding Fireball, Firewall, Salsa, Flamingo and Dark Vision will render the following entity abilities.

Entity Abilities

Note that parent abilities are ordered alphabetically and can’t be reordered.


Add race abilities

The Add race abilities will import abilities attached to the entity’s races.

Reset charges

Clicking this button resets the charges used of each entity ability back to zero.

Reorder abilities

This interface allows you to reorder the abilities inside their parent abilities.


Each entity ability can be edited, and this interface allows a user to write a note, that is displayed in the UI. Form to define a note on the entity ability

Displaying an entity ability note

Quickly changing an entity’s ability visibility

Instead of editing an entity ability to change its visibility, the visibility icon to the left can be clicked, revealing a dropdown menu.

Entity ability visibility dropdown