Future feature

This feature is planned for a future update of Kanka and isn’t yet available.

Subscribers can import a zip file generated by the campaign export feature.

To access the interface, navigate to Settings > Import. There, you can select the .zip file and upload it to the kanka servers.

Importing campaigns can be a long and slow process, so don’t be in a rush. All entities and their associated data from the export will be added to the campaign.

My old exports aren’t working

Campaign exports generated before Kanka 2.1 aren’t compatible with the import process.

You can check the Kanka version used for the export by opening the zip file and opening the file. The kanka_version key details which version of Kanka the export was generated with. If no file is present, the export isn’t compatible with the import.

Can I re-import an export multiple times

Each time an export is imported, it will create new entities, leading to duplicates if run multiple times in the same campaign.

What happens to premium features

Premium features are exported and imported back during the import process. If the campaign is then upgraded, imported premium features will become visible.

What isn’t included

At the time of writing, the following features aren’t in the export, and thus not imported.

  • permissions

  • family trees

  • dashboards

  • marketplace plugins

  • custom theming

  • bookmarks

  • dice rolls and conversations (deprecated modules)

This list isn’t exhaustive, but includes the biggest missing features from the process.