Dice Rolls


This module is deprecated, meaning it isn’t getting any new updates and will eventually be removed from Kanka. This entity type can be enabled in your campaign settings.

Dice rolls are a limited way to handle dice rolling for play by post games that don’t require complicated dice rolls.

Creating a dice roll template

Dice rolls are templates, attached from an entity, and contain a dice roll value.

Generic dice rolling is possible by writting “d20”, “4d4+4”, “d%” for percentile and “df” for fudge.

It is also possible to get a character’s attribute by using the {character.attribute_name} syntax. For example, {character.level}d6+{character.wisdom}.

More options are available and explained on the dice roller plugin page.

Rolling a dice

To make a dice roll, view the dice roll and click on the roll button at the top right.

Dice roll button