Vanity URL

Premium campaigns can set a vanity url for their campaign, which will appear in the URL of every page of the campaign.

Where can I set the vanity url

To set the vanity url of the campaign, head over to the campaign edit form, which is found in the sidebar under Settings and clicking the Edit campaign button.

Vanity url field


To set a vanity url on a campaign, the following must be true

  • The campaign must be premium (doesn’t work for the legacy boosted/superboosted campaigns).

  • The campaign must not yet have a vanity url.

  • The vanity url must contain at least 4 characters, of which at least one needs to be a letter.

  • The vanity url cannot contain any speclial characters like /, |, #, ?, ', ", é etc. Typing in a special character will automatically remove it when the field loses focus.

  • The vanity url must be unique among all other campaigns.

When the field loses focus, it will check if the vanity url is valid or not and warn you.

Invalid vanity Valid vanity

Play nice rules

The Kanka team monitors vanity urls and will disable those who break the Kanka terms of service.


Once set, the vanity url cannot be removed, but stays even if the campaign is no longer premium.