Campaign member management

Inviting your friends and players to your campaign is a similar process to Discord. We’ve made it as easy as possible, which we detail how in this page.

Inviting members

To invite members, you need an invite link. From the sidebar, click on Settings to access the campaign management pages, and then go to the Members subpage.

This interface shows you your campaign members. Below the list of members you can find an Invites section. This is where you’ll create invite links to send to your friends.

Click on the Invite people button

Button for creating a new link

This opens up a request for some extra info.

Removing members

You can remove non-admin members from your campaign in this same interface. Click on the button to the right of their names and select remove.

Removing a member from a campaign

Doing so will notify them in Kanka that they have been removed. None of the content they’ve created in the campaign is deleted.

Why is the Last Login field empty?

Every account can decide to share their last login information with members of other campaigns they are a part of. By default, we assume that users value their privacy and so the option is off.

To change this setting, a user needs to go to their profile settings and enable the “last login sharing” option. More info here