Kanka overview

Kanka is a community driven worldbuilding and tabletop RPG campaign management tool perfect for worldbuilders and game masters alike. We help you create and organize your campaigns and worlds with our @mentions system and a whole range of features such as calendars, interactive maps, timelines, organisations, families, and as many characters as you can come up with!

Kanka comes with a flexible set of predefined entity types that can be customised and linked to each other. The characters module allows you to create the people that populate your world by giving them names, images, descriptions, have them placed in locations, be members of families and join organisations that share their motivations. You can also set up their physical and personality traits, their goals, fears, motivations and secrets.

All entities can have relations that help define how they view other entities in the world. You can easily set up childhood friends between characters, rivalling factions between organisations and families, and catalysts between events.

In addition, all entities can also have what posts, which contain extra information related to the entity, as well as secrets.

Multiple files can also be attached to each entity. As you might have guessed, these can also be set to only be visible to certain members of a campaign. This is useful for attaching more images, PDFs or other files to entities that you want to keep easily accessible.

For worldbuilders, Kanka offers a powerful calendar feature that holds your years, months, weekdays, weather effects, recurring events, moons, seasons, and much more. If you are familiar with intercalary months, Kanka supports those too. Best of all, your campaign can have several calendars, with events appearing in all of them.

To organise everything, you can tag every entity with multiple tags. These can be used to quickly find relevant information, or used as filters on the various interfaces.

Kanka’s flexibility doesn’t stop there. If you have no use for the families or quests, you can disable them in your campaign settings, removing them from the various interfaces. You can also export all of your campaign’s data once per day if you are ever scared of losing everything. But don’t worry, we do frequent backups of all of your data anyway.

On the topic of frequency, Kanka sees new features, improvements, and bugfixes several times a month. These frequent updates are possible thanks to Kanka’s awesome community, which is most active on our Discord server. All of this would be impossible without the awesome people who support Kanka.

We also provide an API for those with technical know how to build tools that interact with Kanka’s data. We are always excited to see new ways people use Kanka to world build, manage their campaigns, or organise their screen plays using the API, and love helping with these innovations.