Birth, Death, Foundation

Characters, Locations, Families and Organisations all have a special type of reminder. When creating a reminder in those entities’ reminders subpage, the reminder has an event type field.

The reminders subpage if found alongside abilities, abilities, and other elements.

Where to find the reminders subpage

The event type field is found at the end of the new reminder form.

Event type field


Characters have the option of birth and death. If just a birth is provided, the entity’s profile sidebar will be populated with the date of birth and a calculated age based on the calendar’s current date.

If both a birth and death reminder is set, it will calculate the age at death of the character in the profile sidebar.



Due to the dynamic nature of calendars, the calculated age of a character is not visible in the characters list of a campaign, and only visible on their profile sidebar.

Locations, Families, Organisations

These entities have a founded option, which if set, displays the entity’s foundation date and current age in the profile sidebar.