Nested entities

Most entity types in Kanka have the concept of a parent. This is a foreign field that defines a similar entity (aka same entity type) as its parent.

For example, if you’re creating a location for Paris, the parent might be France. Setting parents can be a way to build your world in a zoom-in/zoom-out mode, but can also be used to organise your world’s content. For example, items also have a parent field. This can be used to group all potions together.

Nested view

Entities that have a parent also get a nested view. When viewing the list of locations of a campaign (by clicking on Locations in the sidebar), by default it shows all locations that have no parent. A location with sub locations will appear in a bold style, and can be clicked to view the child locations.

Nested view with child locations

You can still view all your locations in a flat mode by clicking on the Locations button in the top-right of the locations.

Switching to a flat view

Changing defaults

If you prefer to view entities in a flat mode (all entities listed by default), you can do so by editing the campaign and changing the Default lists layout field under the Interface tab

Disabling the default nested view