Appearance settings

Your profile settings can impact the visuals and workflows of your Kanka experience. You can change these here, or when in Kanka, by clicking on your profile picture and on settings, then going to appearance in the sidebar.

Accessing your user settings


Changing your theme impacts how campaigns render in Kanka. Note that any campaign can override your settings.


If you want more than 15 characters shown in the characters list, you can change this value here. Subscribers get access to 100 entities per page.

New entity workflow

When creating a new entity, Kanka redirects you to the list of entities of that type. You can change this to show the newly created entity instead.

Text editor

Kanka has two text editors, but we highly discourage using the legacy one. Some features like advanced mentions and the campaign gallery don’t work in it. Its only advantage is that it has a more powerful table editor.

Advanced mentions

If you wish to always use [entity:123] mentions, even when using @, activate this option. More info here.