Map Setup

Maps have many options. Let’s go over some of them here and explain what they do.

  • Parent Map: If this level 3 of a bigger dungeon that also is a map? If so, use the parent map to “place” this map inside another.

  • Location: Useful if this map is the map of a kingdom, town, dungeon, etc. Link the location, and the map will be available in the location’s profile sidebar.

  • Image: This is the main image, which will serve as the map image, and also the thumbnail image of the map in lists.


In the settings tab, you’ll find the following fields.

  • Use OpenStreetMaps: If you want to use a map from the real world instead of a custom image, check this option. You still need an image for the map, but it will only be used as a thumbnail.

  • Cluster markers: After adding several markers on your map, it will quickly become messy and unreadable. This option clusters markers that are close together until you zoom in enough.

Zoom levels

This fields control the zoom (aka when scrolling on a map) levels.


By default, a map loads at coordinates 0,0. You can change this by providing new coordinates, or having your map center on a specific marker.