Family Trees

New feature

This article is for a recently added feature to Kanka!

Families can have their family trees created in Kanka. This feature is only available to premium campaigns. To start creating a family tree, go to a family and go to their family tree subpage.

Kanka family tree

From there, click on edit, and click on add a founder button.


A family tree starts by a founder, which will be the first element of the tree. No character can be added before or above the founder. A founder can be change at any time. Button to add a founder


Each entity can have one or multiple relations, which are added by clicking on the add relation button. This brings up the form asking which entity to add, and what their relation is.

Adding a relation

Relation form


Each relation can have multiple children, which are added by clicking on the add child button below the relation’s description.

Adding a child

Child form


As with every new feature, there are currently some limitations.

  • Children need exactly two parents.

  • Sometimes there is extra spacing between branches.

  • Family members are loaded to speed up setting a founder, but a character’s relations aren’t.

  • A user who can edit a family can edit its family tree. If there are character nodes that aren’t visible to the user, those private nodes will be deleted when the user saves the tree.